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New Hotties to spice up your Thursday September 21, 2006

Posted by holdencaulfield in Entertainment, Erica Durance, Kristin Kreuk, Sophie Monk.

As all of you know who come here on a regular basis, this site caters to those looking for celebrity drivel and the occasional sports story.  With that being said, most stories revolve around the utterly stupid and trashy (e.g. Lindsay Lohan and Paris) or stars that I find extremely attractive (Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson).  So, I’ve decided to change it up a bit and show you guys some new faces (like you’re looking at their faces) to drool over.  That work for everyone?

 — First up is Erica Durance who plays “Lois Lane” on the new network CW’s show, Smallville.  I looked her up on IMDB and she hasn’t done much yet, which I would soley attribute to her being Canadian – that’s a real liability in Hollywood.  Once she gets a couple good roles under her belt, no one will hold that against her anymore.

733-ed16.jpg     731-ed14.jpg     727-ed10.jpg

 — Next is another attractive lady from Smallville, Kristin Kreuk, even if she looks like she’s wearing a Glad trash bag.  Maybe they can’t afford real clothes working for the CW.  She hasn’t done much either, but was in Eurotrip; however, since she wasn’t her, her or her, I didn’t recognize her. 

04369_kristin_kreuk_cw_launch_party_arrivals_04_122_329lo.jpg     04391_kk_cwparty_008_122_442lo1.jpg

 — And lastly is some girl named Sophie Monk who is dating one of those posers from Good Charlotte.  With all the money that guy has made from looking tough but selling out to 13 year old girls, could he at least dress like a normal adult?  I bet those tattoos are rub-ons and I think I can smell him from here.  Well, at least his girlfriends boob pops out.

 697-sm1.jpg     701-sm4.jpg     699-sm5.jpg



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