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Floyd Landis is a dope July 27, 2006

Posted by holdencaulfield in Cycling, Sports.
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Floyd Landis, the American cyclist who won the Tour de France this past week, apparently has tested positive for high testosterone levels during Stage 17 of the tour according to his Phonak team.  The Swiss-based Phonak team has suspended Landis as they await results on the backup sample to determine if he will be fired from the team.  If he is found guilty, he will most likely be stripped of his Tour de France title and Spain’s Oscar Pereiro (this year’s runner-up) would become the new champion.  The 30-year old Landis had made an unbelievable comeback in Stage 17 by overcoming a 8 1/2 minute deficit to move from 11th place to 3rd in the standings.  He later reclaimed the overall lead and rode into Paris wearing the yellow jersey.  Landis’ victory had been the “feel-good” story of the year because he suffers from a degenerative hip condition that makes painful for him to walk up stairs and even cross his legs.  Maybe we were all naive to think that a guy that walks with a limp could win cycling’s ultimate test of endurance without a little shot of help, but we all fell for it.  If his second tests come back positive all it will really prove to me is that the whole sport of cycling is a complete joke.  Through Lance Armstrong’s run of 7 straight Tour de France titles, he was constantly accused of doping and taking performance enhancing drugs and on the eve of this year’s tour, the UCI busted several riders including pre-race favorites Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and Francisco Mancebo in a doping scandal in Spain.  If cycling’s governing body can’t control the cheating in the sport why should anyone care who wins or loses?  Then it’s just a competition between doctors to see who can dope the best.  Give me a break.  If I want to waste my time watching cheaters, I’ll just spend my time next summer watching Barry Bonds and his size XXL head pass Hammerin’ Hank Aaron as the All-time Home Run leader in baseball.