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Wie, Wie, Wie all the way home July 14, 2006

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Well, once again, Michelle Wie will miss the cut and her chance at making history at the John Deere Classic.  Trying for the fifth time to make the weekend in a PGA tournament, Wie withdrew due to “heat exhaustion” after playing 9 holes this afternoon.  After finishing the first day 13 shots off the lead and 8 shots behind the projected cut, Wie needed the round of her life to make the cut, but shot 2 over in the first 9 holes, pushing her score to a terrible 8 shots over par.  I’m not trying to start a Michelle Wie bashing page, but I still find this fiasco completely ridiculous.  I understand that she is a very talented 16-year old female golfer and has a very bright future in WOMEN’S golf, but not MEN’S golf.  I understand her desire to play and make the cut in a men’t tournament, but just like every other sport, shouldn’t you prove yourself on your tour first?  If a guy hits 3 home runs in a Single A game should we send him directly to the big leagues??  Of course not, but because Michelle Wie is hot golf-jailbait (according to my friend, who WILL remain nameless) people will keep paying money to watch her fail.  If people want to watch me fail, I do it on a daily basis, so make checks payable to HC.

Since Michelle is 16 and that’ll get you 20, here’s a picture of Pam Anderson and the twins:



Nicely done Michelle Wie… July 13, 2006

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In a move that has become even less anticipated than Britney shoveling in another twinkie, Michelle Wie has once again tried to compete with men on the PGA tour.  This is her 5th attempt at being the first woman to make a cut on the PGA tour since 1945 and if her first round is any indicator, she’s still not ready.  Michelle posted a first round 77 (6 over par) at the John Deere Classic, which puts her 13 shots off the lead and ties her for 154th and 2nd to last place.  She’ll need to shoot at least 5 under par tomorrow to even have a chance of making her first cut in a men’s tournament.  Maybe Michelle Wie should first try winning a tournament on the women’s circuit before subjecting us to another terrible performance in a men’s tournament.  Her closest call came last year when she finished 2 shots off of making the cut and after playing well in the Women’s majors this year there was some excitement about the possibility of her playing the weekend this year.  I find this whole obsession of Wie’s to make the cut in a men’s tourney completely ridiculous.  When I was 16, I was still running down to the creek and fishing with my cousin Huck Finn.  But she continues trying to become a trailblazer on the men’s tour even though, like I said before, SHE’S NEVER WON ON THE WOMEN’S TOUR!!!  Shouldn’t there be some kind of natural progression here??  I think I’m more likely to to hire K-Fed at $20K to make an appearance at my next party for use as a pinata than the chances that Wie makes the cut in the next 5 years.